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Node Private Drive

The Node Private Drive is a private staging area for your draft Nodes. It is hosted on our secure cloud infrastructure. In the staging area, you can build your research object and share with with your co-authors and collaborators privately.

The storage capacity is on a per-user basis. Publishing your Node clears your personal storage space.

ProductsFree storage (per user)

Nodes Capybara

100 gigabytes

Google drive


Open state repository storage

Once you click "Publish" and sign the transaction, your data is mirrored to the open state repository and progressively cleared from our cloud infrastructure. By publishing your Node, you clear storage space in your private staging area.

Multiple copies keep things safe: your data is mirrored in 5 countries across 3 continents.

The five copies are in an archival state in the form of CAR files. One additional "hot" copy is made accessible over the network at a high degree of availability, for a total of six copies. You can learn more about distributed archival storage here.

Contact us to store massive amounts of data efficiently and securely

We are building our big data onboarding process. For datasets of >50TB, you can apply for sponsored storage via the DeSci Foundation funding program. We will help you onboard your data, link it to your node, and make it easily re-useable and creditable.

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