Moving components

Structure • Re-organise

To ensure your work can be structured in the way you like, and this structure can be adapted according to changing demands, your components can be moved around within your Node.

Similar to how your computer file drive works, Nodes Drive provides you with the ability to use folders for structure. Moving a component between files is relatively straightforward:

  • Select the component you wish to move;

  • Click on the triple dot menu to the right of your selected component;

  • Select the 'Move' option from the dropdown menu;

  • You should see a notification at the bottom of the Node Drive indicating the selected component name ('Information_Button.jpg') and its current location ('root/Button_pics/'), with a button to indicate if you want to move the component here. You won't be able to use the 'Move Here' button yet, as you are currently in the same place your file is already located;

  • In the Node Drive, go into the Folder you want to move your component to;

  • Your Node should now be moved to its new location.

NB if you would like to move the component to a new folder, create the new folder first.

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