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If you click on any Node - visible on your Profile for your own Nodes, or presented in the Explore page for those of others - you will be brought to the Node Workspace. This is where the action happens. The Node workspace has three main spaces, as well as a navigation bar (D in picture) across the top:

  • the Viewerin the middle (A below): for (pre)viewing file components such as manuscripts (PDFs), data and code - with options to make comments (and, in the future, edits on your owned & collaborated Nodes) to the viewed components.

  • the Node Drive Panel in the lefthand panel (B): including an overview of the uploaded components (Drive) and contributors (Contributors). Clicking on these tabs at the top will open the panel of choice and give access to a variety of options.

  • The Information Panel in the righthand panel (C): giving you metadata information on the component selected in the drive (and viewed in the reader space), or the possibility to perform actions on these components. Here, you can copy (or in the future even compute) code, or export a citation from a published PDF in a number of different citation formats. The workspace Navigation Bar (D), is where you can open/close the two workspace panels, check the version of the Node & Component you are working on, and can check out the Node's publication history.

The panels and navigation bar are situated as follows:

NB: our development and UI teams have been working hard on this space - it may look a little different from the current information given.

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