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What is FAIR

FAIR stands for Findability, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable research outputs.

You can read more about FAIR here. FAIR research outputs are an important building block of a healthy, future-proof scientific record. At the moment, FAIR research outputs are still the exception rather than the rule in most fields of science. This is partially due to infrastructural limitations, but also due to current scientific practices and incentives. The lack of FAIR scientific data creates enormous costs and slows down scientific progress.

Nodes are being developed to be FAIR-enabling by design, making it easy for authors to create FAIR digital research objects.

What makes Nodes a FAIR-enabling technology?

Nodes provide persistent identifiers (PIDs), data, metadata, and methods for every digital object contained in a Node.

Node PIDs are based on cryptographic hash functions that protect data integrity and that provide consistent resolution to human- and machine-actionable content.

Will my Node automatically be FAIR?


It is the responsibility of the Node author(s) to provide quality metadata, ideally based on machine-actionable ontologies that are widely used and agreed upon in the respective scientific community. While DeSci Labs is expanding R&D efforts to leverage embeddings and LMM's to generate machine-actionable metadata for you, there remains significant hurdles to overcome, and while extremely promising, these methods should be considered experimental for the time being.

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