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Viewer (A)

All Codex Entitites (artefacts, Nodes profiles, ....) are opened in the Viewer panel, in the centre of the screen. It is both your familiar PDF reader environment, or where information on your selected component is shown. All you need to do is select the component you want to view or download in the Drive panel on the left of the screen.

Both the Drive panel on the left and the Metadata panel on the right play important roles in Nodes and its components. You select and order components in the Drive panel, but you then describe and add metadata to those components in the Metadata panel. They can be tucked away to broaden the viewer window for easier viewing.

PDF Viewer

The Viewer panel has a few options specific to opened PDF files:

Further notes on how Comments work can be found in the Metadata/Comment Panel section.

Currently we have limited recognition of files and might not be able to display them in the viewer. However, from here you will be able to download the components if they are uploaded files, or open the URL if the component is a URL link.

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