Reuse • Acknowledge

Downloading data presented on Nodes is relatively straightforward. However, for using large datasets we recommend you use compute options that process the data without having to download it. For these see the Compute section.

To download data, access the Node you are interested in using the data of. Find their data, which should be clearly marked, in the Drive panel on the left ( Node Drive Panel) or in the main viewer window of the Node when opening, as a pinned component ( [link to pinned components] this is up to those publishing a Node, but a recommended way of presenting Node components).

When you have found the data files you want to download, you can either:

  1. Go into the triple dot menu on the right of the filename in the Drive panel, click on Download, or,

  2. In the viewer window, click on the Download option.

Example video for data download options:

When you reuse data published by others, please acknowledge it. You can use several options for this:

  • Text citations for reference managers, as found here Cite

  • Direct links to the dPID of the data, including in comments, as found here [TBD] Comment

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