Claim Attestations

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To claim an attestation, your Node needs to be published. If you have not published yet and need guidance on this, head to the Publish section first.

Attestations are post-publication attributions to the quality of your work, that are provided and supported by the global community.

If you want your work to be curated by a community, and as such claim their attestation badges, see Submit for Curation.

Find more on attestations here: Community Curation

Attestation Claims

If your Node has particular high-value characteristics, such as FAIR data, novel impact, proving and building on the work of others in a FAIR way, etc. check out the variety of attestations present on Nodes that are applicable to your work. You can make a claim to them, or others can indicate they believe your work has these characteristics. I

Community validation

Communities choose a personalised set of attestations that verify qualities they find important. Submit your Node to a community when you believe your Node qualifies for ALL of their attestations. Community members will verify whether the claims are true, and can comment on your Node.

A video of the process with examples is given below:

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