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Node Drive can be structured and organised to present your information in ways that suit you, and make it easy to navigate for others, using a combination of editing functions like:

The creation and adding of components and folders is shown in the Add Components section.

In this section we discuss:

  • Return to most recent Node (Access): this function helps you return to the most recent Node you were viewing or working on, in case you ended up browsing away from it and need a simplified return [NB this function is still being optimised]

  • Editing Component Presentation (Present & Organise): editing options for components gives you the ability to optimise how your components are organised and presented, making it easier for both yourself and others to navigate your Node. Editing and presentation options include:

  • Add Cover Art (Present): Making Nodes more fun and to visually facilitate navigation, Nodes supports the incorporation of cover art - giving you the opportunity to represent your research visually. Guidance on how to create and incorporate cover art can be found here.

Other Functions that support external Presentation, Organisation & Access

Add Metadata - In addition, some help in finding your Node by external users is supported through the Metadata Panel on the right of the workspace. Here, you can add subject tags, descriptions, component type labels, etc.

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