Community Home

Each community on DeSci Nodes has their own Home page. This is where your community gets to define itself, and organize scientific discourse according to its values.

Community Bio

This section introduces the community at hand, including their topics of interest and mission/purpose. Authors can submit their research for curation via the Submit button.

Curated Nodes

Here is where visitors can browse the Nodes that have been curated and showcased by the community. The quality standards and interests of the community are expressed in the Curation Criteria. This is a list of Attestations that the community has selected need to be claimed and verified in order for a Node to be curated. Once each Attestation has been verified, the Node gets curated via the bottom-up curation mechanism. Curated Nodes remain in the list unless the Attestations are unclaimed by the author or unverified by a validator.

Below each Node you will see this Node's Engagement Signal, composed of all social activity around Attestations on a Node, including verifications, reactions, and comments. This creates additional information for readers to actively direct their attention beyond just the Node title and authors. Next to this, you will see the Curation Signal, showing you how many verifications have been provided over all Attestations on this Node.


Community members can find Nodes submitted for curation on the Radar. Members can contribute to the scientific discourse by validating these Nodes. The Community Radar surfaces all Nodes that claim the set of Attestations selected as Curation Criteria by the community. As soon as a Node claims all of these Attestations, it is considered submitted for curation and requires review by the community.

Radar Feed Elements

Since community-based validation may be granular, meaning that members get to specialize in terms of which kind of validation they perform, the Radar Feed shows a diverse range of activities around the submitted Nodes: Submitted Nodes, claimed Attestations, and Comments on claimed Attestations. This way, members looking to contribute via validations can find the right Nodes and/or Attestations to review. Each entry comes with Curation and Engagement Signal, telling you how many verifications, comments, and/or reactions have been left on the corresponding Node or Attestation.

Curation Signal

The Curation Signal on a Node allows you to understand, at a glance, whether a Node has received sufficient verifications to be curated or if it still needs your attention. Those Nodes and/or Attestations that are missing verifications show up at the top of the feed to make sure the community doesn't miss these. To curate these Nodes into your community's feed, click on the Node/Attestation and start validating.

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