Node Drive Panel

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Node Drive (B1)

In Node Drive you navigate, Organise and upload your Node Components.


  • Navigate the Drive - an overview of your Components

  • Organise the Drive to your liking.

Node Drive is the heart of your Node. This is where you upload, store, access, and manage all components that make up your publication.

You can upload your components here in several ways. How? See Add Components.

You can edit the presentation of your components in the Node, from their names to how they are organised. See the chapter on organising & presenting your nodes for more information: Organise, Access & Present.

You can select components from the Drive to download, view, edit (if they are yours), comment on, etc. Once selected in the Drive panel, you can view or download the component from the Viewer panel, or add information - such as licenses, metadata and comments - to your components in the Metadata panel.

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