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The Node Drive Panel does not only contain the Drive, but also has a tab for Contributors. This is where you add the names and information of those who have contributed to the Node.

You can add your contributor's name, as well as their ORCID to automatically import further information on your contributor's past work and company affiliations.

If you are unsure who to contribute, have a look at the different contributor roles we suggest here.

How to Add Contributors

Step-by-step instructions:

  • When opening the Contributors tab in the control panel on the left, click on the '+' button in the top right, next to the title 'Contributors'.

  • In the viewer panel, fields to fill out to add a contributor will open up.

  • You can simply fill out the contributor name, but if you add their ORCID, Nodes will automatically integrate associated data from the ORCID profile into their Nodes profile - and can link the published Node to their ORCID profile in return.

  • Hit 'Continue' to add the contributor.

  • You can view the contributor and any additional data imported from an associated ORCID profile.

Who is a Contributor?

We think it is good practice to include all those who have contributed to any area as presented in the Niso Credit Taxonomy, with 14 different contributor roles. It will be possible to indicate which roles each contributor has played in the development of the Node:


Data curation

Formal Analysis

Funding acquisition



Project administration






Writing – original draft

Writing – review & editing

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